Discover DAP Training Program

DAP creator Ravi Jayagopal at SIMPLE

Welcome to – your introduction to the Digital Access Pass membership site platform for WordPress.

The training you’ll find here will teach you the basics of creating a membership site based on information or services that you provide or create. I’ll teach you several ways to structure your membership site for recurring income. And I’ll guide you through the installation and cool features of Digital Access Pass.

In case you don’t know, DAP is the creation of New Yorker Ravi Jayagopal. Ravi was one of my guests at SIMPLE in Wilmington NC. He gets marketing, and he’s a tremendous programmer. You’ll get to know him a lot more through this site.

The Discover DAP program will start soon. In the meantime, head over to Ravi’s site and check out the features of Digital Access Pass. Of course, you’ll want to get DAP to see if it’s the right membership site for you. It’s closest competitor is Wishlist, which you’re welcome to check out and compare against DAP.

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