Top 10 Reasons To Build Your Membership Site With Digital Access Pass And WordPress

So I’m getting ready to teach the next internet marketing profit course – Discover Digital Access Pass (click to get the details).

But you may be wondering why you would want to create a membership site using DAP and WordPress.

Here are the top reasons why…

  1. Using WordPress takes away the challenge of making your site look pretty. You can use any theme you want (free, paid, or custom), and change your mind as often as you wish – but your membership site will function the same. When you want to change the text, add pictures, or drop in a YouTube video, it’s as easy as updating a blog (because, technically, it is a blog).
  2. Using WordPress gives you the added functionality of plugins. This is great to help your site grow through SEO plugins, social bookmarking, etc., with no special programming or expensive webmasters!
  3. Digital Access Pass integrates with WordPress posts, pages, and even membership levels. This means you can protect part or all the content of your pages and posts based on what level your members have signed up for or purchased. Protecting your blog content is as easy as clicking a button. And you can even use DAP with forums on your site through WordPress.
  4. DAP also protects your files and pages on your site OUTSIDE of WordPress. This means you can show special offer pages to particular membership levels, protect images, PDFs, audio files, video files, etc. You can even sell your products on completely different websites, or have payment links inside your emails!
  5. DAP protects content based on sequence, specific dates, or even number of views. Want to show members content only when they’ve been a member for 6 months, and not before? You can do that. Want to show members a special page only during Valentine’s week? You can do that. Want to let people to “pay per view” of a video or “pay per listen” to an audio? You can do that.
  6. DAP creates an instant affiliate account for all your members. The growth of your membership site will come not from your efforts alone, but through the word-of-mouth referrals of your members and affiliates. With DAP, you can send members their affiliate link right inside their welcome email, and even post it on any blog post or page on the site. Pre-code your pages with “re-tweet this” links or buttons, and watch your traffic increase much faster than your efforts alone.
  7. DAP lets you sell as many different types of memberships or products as you want. Want to sell an ebook for a 1-time payment. You can do that. Want to sell a 5-part teleseminar series that requires 5 payments of $17 each, you can do that. Want to offer members a choice between getting content all at once (fast track), or seeing content come to them periodically, you can do that too.
  8. DAP is a living, growing, evolving software. The creators of the software are both programmers and excellent marketers. Ravi Jayagopal and his wife Veena Prashanth are 100% committed to this software and its growing community. DAP was first released in early 2008, and has seen additional features and functionality added every 3-5 weeks. Best of all – these new features are typically put in based on community feedback!
  9. You want a system that frees up your time, and provides you with ongoing revenue. With one-time purchases, and monthly memberships, you’ll finally get to grow and stabilize your online business income.
  10. You want total control of your online business. You’re in charge with confidence when you combine DAP with WordPress. Plus, your site is easy to modify yourself, or just about any virtual assistant or team member could help you with. No longer will you have to pay exhorbitant webmaster fees for membership site customizations.

Digital Access Pass software for WordPressI could go on, but those are the top reasons you should use DAP and WordPress for your site. Best of all, if you already have a blog, you can add DAP right on top of it and get going even faster.

Your next steps:

  1. Get Digital Access Pass, and test it out for a month. You get a 30 day guarantee to make sure it works for your business!
  2. Sign up for the Discover Digital Access Pass Gold training course I’m teaching. I’ll shortcut your learning curve, and show you how to set up a blog, create products, and grow your site with the built-in affiliate program.

And remember: take action, revise later!


p.s. Have another reason why people should combine DAP with WordPress, post it below!

p.p.s. Want to compare DAP to Wishlist? Check out this head-to-head comparison between the 2 platforms (plus Amember and more). Digital Access Pass vs. Wishlist

6 Responses to “Top 10 Reasons To Build Your Membership Site With Digital Access Pass And WordPress”

  1. Joe Wilson says:

    Hey Bob and Ravi,
    I’m curious about ways to integrate DAP with WordPres and forums. Mainly looking for a ways to integration a single sign on for members to be able to access wordPress content as well as forum content with out having to login multiple times.


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  3. Hi Bob:

    How is DAP compare with Butterfly Marketing Membership script. I know you are one of the teacher for Butterfly Marketing Membership.

    Just would like to get you perspective on it. I have launched couple of butterfly marketing sites and find it rather not that user friendly to set up.


  4. Jason says:

    Hi Bob,

    I had sent you a tweet earlier today and you suggested asking my question here. My wife and I are finishing up a standalone digital product and DAP came up in our research for an all-in-one shopping cart/affiliate program solution. So, my question is, how do you use DAP for your mini sites where you sell one product? Do you shut off the membership function?
    Jason Gregory (@IMNewbieDiary)

  5. Hey Jason,
    I just replied as a full post on the blog:
    Digital Access Pass for Mini-sites.

    Thanks for the question!

  6. Tia Azulay says:

    Hi Bob,

    I would really appreciate your advice re DAP for the type of membership+community site that my client wants for a new charity he’s just started. Apologies if this question is a bit long – obviously I understand if you don’t have time to answer!

    The site already exists in, and the client is using MailChimp for mailing. I’ve considered several plugins. At the moment, I’m thinking DAP + BuddyPress, but wondered whether that’s overkill for the fairly simple brief, because the idea is not to sell products, only membership of the org.

    There will be two levels of membership of the site: Basic, which is free, and Full which is paid, and corresponds with membership of the organisation itself. There are different Full membership types at different prices based on the user’s status, e.g. Individual, Family, Senior, Company, etc.

    Basic Membership:
    • Offers Newsletter, Event Invitations, Admin Notices, and Limited Community Views, i.e. the right to see only info on Members’ Profiles and Forums which Members have made public.
    • Requires only first name, last name and email – which they’ve already entered – they only need to confirm their choice

    Full Membership:
    • Offers Newsletter, Event Invitations, Admin Notices, Event Discounts, Full Community Views and Full Community Participation (right to post a profile, send private messages to other members, start or participate in a forum, post classifieds, etc.)
    • Requires first name, last name, email, date and place of birth, address and nationality/ies, selection of a Membership Type, and payment)

    It’s an absolute requirement that payment options include credit cards… not just PayPal.

    Can I do all of this in either ONLY DAP or ONLY BuddyPress, or do I need both?


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