Can You Use Digital Access Pass For Minisites?

I received this question as a comment on a separate post, and I thought it warranted it’s own post:

“My wife and I are finishing up a standalone digital product and DAP came up in our research for an all-in-one shopping cart/affiliate program solution. So, my question is, how do you use DAP for your mini sites where you sell one product? Do you shut off the membership function?” – Jason Gregory (@IMNewbieDiary)

Here’s my answer:

Jason – DAP is a fantastic mini-site solution that allows the flexibility down the road of including recurring membership components, upgrades, etc., at a future time.

You simply create a single product inside the DAP dashboard, set the commissions, connect the product to your payment button in Paypal, and protect the post or pages that the buyer would see after purchase.

Your site would still actually be a “membership site” in the sense that a person gets a username and password to login for their products. But they would not be charged ongoing fees/subscriptions for ongoing delivery of information.

There is no “shutting off the membership function”. But you would simply not take advantage of those types of features.

Ideally,  you would still build your site with a WordPress platform, but in truth you could use standard HTML pages as well.

So let’s say that you and your wife are selling an ebook. You would create a page in WordPress that would serve as your sales letter. And you would create a separate page to serve as a squeeze page if you wanted to. A third page would serve as your download page.

You would create a “product” in DAP, which is really a membership level, and you would make sure that the download page was added to that product as protected content. You would also be able to protect the ebook file (PDF) if you loaded the file to your site in or out of the WordPress content folder. This file protection is all included with DAP, unlike other WP-Membership software systems that don’t really protect those files from being shared.

In addition, should you choose to later, you would be able to add supporting documentation, resource pages, etc., that only buyers of that product could see.

For the purposes of mini-sites, I’d highly recommend using Digital Access Pass.

Bob Jenkins

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