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One of the questions that people often have about the different membership software options out there involves forums. Specifically, here at, people want to know if Digital Access Pass supports forums.

The short answer is YES, according to Ravi – I haven’t set one up personally for reasons I’ll explain in a minute.

Specifically, the version of DAP that is out when I’m writing this (3.7) integrates with:

  • WP-Forum
  • bbPress
  • Simple:Press

And soon, Ravi tells me that vBulletin will be connected.

The reason they integrate is because the DAP membership database can be synched with a single setting with the WordPress user database. You can have them sync up for paid and/or free members.

However, I’d like to provide an alternative answer.

Before you create a membership site with a forum, make sure you have all your ducks in a row to make your membership site “sticky” and popular. Of course, a forum can help with that.

But a site with a forum of 5 boring people lurking and waiting for everyone else to post something is lame.

Build your site and get steady traffic to it. So when you do set up a forum, it won’t look like an instant ghost town.

Another problem with forums is they really do need to be moderated. This is why I haven’t been a big fan of having a forum on my sites just yet. Yes, the members can do quite a bit of self-policing, but ultimately you need to have a dedicated person (it doesn’t have to be you, but likely should at first) keeping tabs on the forum on a daily basis.

That being said, if you enjoy that type of interaction, and can stay on top of things, forums can be quite powerful. And DAP makes it easy for you to make forum access part of your membership site.


p.s. To see what other forums Digital Access Pass integrates with in version 3.8 and later, check out the main page. There’s a bunch of other features listed there for you, too.

2 Responses to “Digital Access Pass Support For Forums”

  1. Bonnie B says:

    I love the looks of DAP because it has aWeber AND WishListMember features — I need multi-level memberships AND the ability to drip emails and content to each member based on # of days from sign-up. It looks like DAP does this. I am new to all of this and am about two weeks away from launching my site. .. writing content for emails and drip like crazy .. all the time checking out and learning options. Loving it. I’ve had enough business experience to know that the most popular (ie., aWeber and WishListMember) are not necessarily the best for me. BUT I continue to see good reviews out there for DAP – followed by comments re: BAD customer service. (i.e., Can you help me feel better about them? Note: I am very competent and confident that if something is documented well I can figure it out. I only will seek customer service if I can’t find what I’m looking for. I am definitely not an ‘extra-care-needed’ type of customer.

  2. Victoria says:

    I can tell you personally that DAP customer service is exceptional. Ravi, Veena and staff truly care about each one of their customers and do their best to assist you in succeeding with their products.

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