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  1. Greg says:

    DAP looks like it will meet all of our expectations and needs!

  2. Janice says:

    This software seems to be the answer to all my questions and problems! Looking forward to work with DAP. Talk soon :-) Thanks!.

  3. Brad Pollina says:

    Hi again Bob! Got home too late to attend the call, but glad I looked around! Great discount! Signed up without even listening to the call! Thanks again! Looking forward to another awesome class together! Due to my work schedule I most likely won’t be able to attend many of the calls, but of course I will listen to the replays! Can’t wait!

  4. Joyce Jagger says:

    Thanks Bob for doing this. I had to get off the call before it ended but I knew that I was going to do it anyway. Thanks for the awesome price! I am looking forward to the course so that I can get this next membership site up and running.
    Joyce Jagger

  5. Esther says:

    Thanks for the link. Really i have read about DAP in success digest Extra. If people are paying to get it . I feel that the best.As i always goes for the best.

  6. Joe says:

    I’m very excited about the class Bob. The 4:00pm EST time may be tough to attend however I may be able to make some live classes.


  7. Bob, thanks so much for the link and discount for DAP. Very excited to start the program and start learning and determining how to set up the system so that we can start making some income online!

  8. Oscar Toft says:

    Hi Bob! I bought the single-site licence when you recommended DAP last year, so this course will come in handy. Hope to be able to follow the course live, but it might be a little difficult due to the time it falls on here in Norway. I’ll try.

  9. Bill Moore says:

    Hello Bob,

    The MP3 and video recordings are great! I have missing about one half of the live proceedings but have been able to keep up with the recordings. I am at work when the live proceedings are going on, so the recordings are a lifesaver!

    In session 3 you were talking about using aWeber. I was wondering if I could use eResponder instead?

    Bill M Moore

    • If eResponder accepts submissions to your list via email, then you can use it as well. I’ll be showing this in Module 6 with Aweber, but the setup would be the same.

      If eResponder is on your own system, I don’t think it will work without further customization. You may need to ask Ravi and Veena.

  10. Sheri Dresser says:


    I am really enjoying the course and learning so much. It is fun and challenging all at the same time.

    I would like to request that we may have permanent access or a download to the PowerPoint slides or videos/audios or both. While I know that you said we would have 2 weeks further access, some of us may not be able to get back to the material that quickly or it may take us longer as there is much to absorb/do. Additionally, as we build out additional sites, we will need to review some of the training information over and over again.

    Thank you again for the great training, the bonuses, and to Ravi for creating such a great product!


  11. Ann says:

    Hi Bob,

    I would be interested in power point slides in PDF format. I always found those very useful in your other classes.

    Ann Rusnak

  12. Bob,

    I have a question about my current site where I have installed DAP. When we first started the training, I unpublished all the content (there wasnt too much there, about 5 pages and 8 or 10 posts) so that I could start fresh with the training.

    I would like to continue on through the rest of the training of Module 6 without publishing anything until am ready to republish the site content for public view, and maybe even changing some of it.

    I know in Module 6 we will be working with the DAP affiliate system, AWeber, etc. Will it be critical for me to have everything on the site published at that time, or can I continue to have it in unpublished mode until I am ready to “go live”?



  13. Additional thought about offering additional training videos, MP3′s and PDF’s etc from your particular training. Perhaps you could add some or all of these as a benefit to those who decide to purchase the Unlimited license version of DAP.

    Personally, the greatest value to me would be a transcript PDF of the MP3′s. It is very difficult to sit and watch a video or listen to an MP3′s and then stop it, and try to go back to the site and implement what I just learned, over and over again.

    While it is great to watch and listen, it is easier for me to read and immediately implement, as long as the text is laid out in an outline type fashion. I have my own notes, but I am sure there is a lot I missed, especially in Module 5.

    Thanks for considering.


  14. Paul D Chilvers-Grierson says:

    Hi Bob,

    I’d like to second Ann and Sheri regarding at least the slides as PDFs, although it would be helpful to also have transcripts, as they are easier to use than videos/MP3s when you are trying to follow instructions.

    I realise getting transcripts done is an extra cost, but with the slides it would just be a matter of saving as PDF and uploading, so I hope you will at least go with this option.

    Having bought the multisite licence back in November when you first recommended it – I had only opened that email by chance! – I would also be in favour of Sheri’s suggestion of at least providing the transcripts to people who bought it through your link ;-) .

    I am of course assuming that I did buy it through your link, don’t remember details but I can’t think how else I would have found the site…

    Thanks for the training (I missed Module 5 live as I had to get my accounts done by next morning and completely forgot everything else!), it has made a number of things clearer. Ravi’s documentation and videos are good, but there is a lot, and it certainly helps going through things in sequence the way you have.

    Will there be notification warning us when we are about to lose access to the videos and audios?

    I know life gets in the way and it’s a lot harder to make the time to go back and look at stuff than to schedule in the live webinar, before you know it weeks have passed and you miss out…it’s happened before.

    Thanks again,

    Paul Chilvers-Grierson
    Kiwi in South West Scotland

  15. Kathy Kirk says:

    Hi Bob,
    I really, really appreciate this training PRIOR to buying DAP. I made the mistake of buying Wishlist and signing up for their training and got nothing out of it because I simply didn’t understand (nor did they teach it) how to use the plugin and how to think about the product levels, etc. So thank you so much.
    I have a question, however, about this training. Am I going to get locked out of it after a certain period of time? I already have my site up, but this obviously requires me to set up new subsites, etc. I will require some time and will need to refer back to this training.
    Kathy Kirk

  16. Eric Johnson says:


    You mentioned that in homework 2 you would give the links to add to wordpress for additional content update exposure.

    I did not see this, where can i find it?

    Writing update services
    ?List provided on Module 2 homework

  17. Tanya Smith says:

    Hi Bob, thanks for the training modules. I’m ready for Module 2 so I can get going! Very good material and I think DAP will beat out the hype I keep seeing on wish list. I also think DAP will help me with my telesummit event coming up – endless possibilities.

  18. Jonathan Smith says:

    Bob -
    Thanks for putting the map up.
    I have freemind, but how do i open your file?

  19. Ina says:

    Hi, Bob. I just signed up. Will access to the modules be sent via email? Also, I have DAP already installed; I’m hoping there is a lot of detail on creating and putting content into DAP.


  20. Ina Collins says:

    I see there are dates for access to the training modules. Does this mean that, after a certain date, access will be cut off? I may not get around to the modules as frequently as I would like to.

    Will access to this membership area be inaccessible, even after the term ends?


  21. Ina Collins says:

    Oops! Never mind. I found the information I needed. Disregard my previous post.


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