3 Membership Site Models You Can Profit From

As you consider working with Digital Access Pass, and learning from my Discover DAP Membership Gold training program, you may be wondering how you’d generate revenue from your membership site.

After all, learning a tool doesn’t do any good if you don’t have a way to turn that system into profit.

So I’d like to help you imagine the type of membership site you could create.

Here are just 3 membership site models you can profit from…

Access To Experts

In this model, members learn from experts in a variety or narrow range of fields. Your role is to collect interviews (either by hosting them through teleseminars, or by getting resell rights to other interviews and/or ebooks) or other content that shows off the expert’s know-how.

As new members join your site, they would receive access to the first expert’s content. You would help them digest and implement through action guides, checklists, or self-check quizzes. During month 2, the process would repeat with the next expert’s content.

You can provide this type of content as MP3 files, transcripts, PDFs, streaming audio, blog posts, and/or video.

DAP Style: use the content responder feature to deliver this content on particular days of the person’s membership. Prevent new members from seeing future months’ content. Before the next month’s subscription is charged, give them a teaser of what’s coming up in the next module.


If you have a particular expertise you are branding yourself with, hosting a roundtable can prove quite enjoyable and profitable.

Put simply, you bring people together in your niche and let them ask questions, share strategies, brainstorm solutions, vent, celebrate, etc. As the expert, your role is to facilitate the sessions (usually done through teleseminar).

However, you can also host a forum where these discussions can take place online 24/7.

DAP Style: using a WordPress forum plugin with DAP, you can keep particular areas of a forum private for higher level members. You can lock previous calls from being seen by new members, and upsell the archive for a separate revenue stream.

Skill Training Center

If you can teach people how to learn and apply a certain set of skills, you can create an awesome membership site. Discover DAP is an example of this kind of site, since I’m teaching you how to create and profit from a particular business model, using a particular piece of software.

What skills do you have that other people could benefit from?

Create this kind of site with screenshots and instructions delivered via PDF. Or record screencast videos that you allow members to download or watch online.

DAP Style: protect your files from external sharing with DAPs file management protection. If you’re hosting larger files on Amazon S3, you can get the optional S3Plugin (free with the multi-site DAP licenses). Use DAPs pay-per-view mode to charge a low amount for members to see the videos.

There are plenty of other membership models you can follow, or you can be creative and come up with something entirely new.

The point is, creating the structure of a profitable membership site gives you an ongoing profit engine that can stabilize your income, while building up your reputation as a leader in your field.

Next Steps

All 3 of these membership site models can be set up to work with WordPress and Digital Access Pass.

In the Discover DAP Gold training program, I’ll be teaching these and other membership models as well. Plus, I’ll walk you through the specific ways to create your content and market your membership site for long term profit.

Bob Jenkins

p.s. The sooner you get a membership site going, the faster you’ll see progress in your business. Instead of endlessly promoting different products and services, you can leverage your effort into repeatable, long term revenue.

5 Responses to “3 Membership Site Models You Can Profit From”

  1. Marty says:

    Hi Bob,
    Are you going to teach the class in a step-by-step fashion, so we can create a membership site this week? And if that’s the case, should we go ahead and sign up for DAP before the class starts this afternoon?

    Thanks, I’m looking forward to learning and getting a membership site built!

    • Hi Marty,
      The basic outline of the course is like this:
      Week 1 – Planning your site
      Week 2 – Creating products for your site
      Week 3 – Promoting your site

      You’ll have DAP installed with WordPress by the end of session 2, and I’ll be walking you through that process.

      What will take the most time really will be creating the content if you don’t already have content to use. But the framework will be set quickly.

      So yes, I recommend you get your free trial of DAP before today’s class starts; or by Wednesday at the very latest. The entire course is over in 16 days, giving you plenty of time for your trial.


  2. Paul Taubman says:

    Hi Bob -

    Is there a place I can go to where I can see the difference between DAP and using the Butterfly Marketing training you taught out in Vegas last year? I am not quite sure if these are complimentary of each other or if I would use one or the other.


    • Hi Paul,
      I haven’t compared BFM to DAP yet online, but I can tell you that BFM is more powerful but is also more complex. Some of the most important features of BFM are in DAP – instant affiliate program, upsell process, etc; and more gets added to DAP along the way.

      You can of course set up a quick site during the free trial to see what you think compared to BFM. I’ll continue using BFM for one-off minisites, but anything where I think a blog format and/or continuing membership is appropriate, I’ll likely use DAP.

      For people who are relatively tech-challenged, DAP will be a better choice for most types of sites, simply because of the integration with WordPress for modifying pages.


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